Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) causes severe anxiety and consumes too much of your time as unwanted thoughts fill your brain and trigger the need to perform ritualistic behaviors. Board-certified psychiatrist Ryan Wright, MD, specializes in comprehensive treatment for OCD. Dr. Wright uses medication management and therapy to help you regain control and recover from OCD. To get the personalized care you need, call the office in Newport Beach, California, or book an in-person or telehealth appointment online today.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Q&A

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder?

OCD causes uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions) that compel you to engage in certain behaviors (compulsions). Your compulsive behaviors may temporarily stop your thoughts, but eventually, the unwanted thoughts return. Then you once again perform the behavior.

Between disturbing thoughts that you can’t stop and ritualistic actions, you exist in a cycle of anxiety. In severe cases, you can spend most of the day dealing with obsessions and compulsions.

What obsessions does OCD cause?

OCD obsessions often have a theme. A few of the most common include:

  • Fear of being harmed
  • Fear of germs
  • Need for cleanliness
  • Need for items to be in order
  • Disturbing sexual thoughts
  • Recurring sounds or images
  • Thoughts of aggression or violence
  • Fear of saying something offensive

You know your thoughts aren’t logical or realistic, but you can’t stop them from recurring.

What compulsive behaviors occur due to OCD?

Compulsions often follow the theme of your thoughts. However, some people may count in response to an obsession and others need to repeat behaviors. For example, they may re-read the same passage in a book, keep going up and down stairs, or say the same thing over and over.

These are a few obsessions and the compulsions they cause:

Germ obsession

People with a germ obsession may repeatedly wash their hands or frequently apply hand sanitizers.

Fear of being harmed

When your thoughts revolve around the fear of being harmed, you may keep checking your door to be sure it’s locked or the stove to reassure yourself it’s turned off. You know you just checked them and they were fine, but your obsessions force you to repeat the behavior.

Need for order

Your need for order makes you move items to be sure they’re in the perfect order or position. You may need to rearrange books on a shelf or even large items like furniture to be sure they’re in order.

How is obsessive-compulsive disorder treated?

Though Dr. Wright customizes your OCD treatment, this condition improves with therapy, medication, or in some cases, both. Therapy helps you deal with anxiety and obsessions and can teach you ways to resist compulsions.

Medications can significantly improve OCD symptoms for many people. Dr. Wright specializes in medication management, providing ongoing care that ensures optimal results.

Personalized treatment can help you overcome the challenges of OCD. To schedule an appointment, call Ryan Wright, MD, or book online today.